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Redbull & Vodka
  • Redbull & Vodka

    Redbull and Vodka is a solid cross that produces large golfball size nugs covered in frost with thick, sturdy branches. This cross is pretty tuff as well with an early finish due to the Lvl up and high hash yield due to Sublime Lime Haze. It tends to show more of the Sublime Lime flavors and nose, but can often offer in addition to that, a hint of perfume or floral notes that suprisingly fade to sweet skunk.


    Redbull and Vodka: Sublime Lime Haze x Level Up OG


    • Sublime Lime Haze: (Memory Loss x TRIAD) x Memory Loss (Amnesia Haze x Memory Loss) 
    • Level Up OG:(Lockjahh x Pakistani Chitral Kush) x Lockjahh (Pitbull x S.A.D.)
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