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Sub-Lime #21 f2
  • Sub-Lime #21 f2

    Sub-Lime #21 was a quality female that stood out while looking for a male to make Sublime Lime Haze. The Sub-Lime project was intended really to shorten flower period of the Memory Loss with Amnesia Haze and make the lime terps pop while maintaining production qualities as well as the effect of haze in general.


    Sub-Lime #21 is the shorter female of the selection out of two most outstanding females from a group 100 seeds we popped. The #21 pheno offers the highest of the trichrome production at the mercy of a slightly lower terpene content, still very high but not as high as the #69 pheno. 


    Sub-Lime #21 f2:  Memory Loss OG x TRIAD  f3

    • Memory Loss: Amnesia Haze x Face Off OG
    • TRIAD: S.A.D. x Trinity
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