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Sublime Jelly f2
  • Sublime Jelly f2

    Sublime Jelly f2:  Sublime Lime F3 x Jealousy


    Sumblime Jelly is a fantastic strain that has huge yields, excellent terpene production, super sticky buds and a souring effect!


    Regardless of what some will say about not running the line down further then f2 we wanted to make sure you still had the option to pick your flavor.


    In this cross you can find two phenos, one super lime heavy (sublime leaning) with a crazy frosty smaller flower but huge yielding plants with higher stretch but strong branches to match its growth. The other offers slightly lowers stretch, larger cola style flowers and stronger Jealousy terps. The reason we actually stopped at f2 was becasue the Jealousy's terps were fading as we ran down the line. which is slightly harder to find. 


    The results in our test grows were suprising, tons of flavor, great day time smoke with lasting effects.


    x6 Regular Sun Grown Organic Seed


      2024 Summer Starter

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