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  • Terms of Service
    -Savage Seed Co. is not able to give any germination or growing advice, so please do not ask. -Savage Seed Co. will not answer support emails or conversations related to germination and/or growing advice, please do not ask. -Seeds are sold as souvenirs/collectors Items, for strain preservation, and/or for a time when laws change. -Germination of seeds is still illegal in some states. Be informed about your state laws before you purchase. -By purchasing, you are indicating that you are at least 21 years of age, and are aware of your local laws regarding collecting this seed or growing this plant, hemp. -You outright waive any liability against Savage Seed Co. and its shareholders if you act outside your governing laws. -Savage Seed Co. is absolutely not trying to promote anyone to break the laws in their state or location. SSC is offering collector plant seed that in itself contains absolutely no psychoactive properties or chemicals, naturally derived or added. -Savage Seed Co. is organically grown; It is not treated with chemicals; It it not irradiated - therefore it can be consumed by humans, some pets and birds. Excellent exotic bird feed for those with the budget and is commonly sold for this purpose. -Savage Seed Co. will NOT be held responsible in the event of damage or loss in shipment, or after receiving package. -Savage Seed Co. will NOT be held responsible for and germination or crop issues. If you choose to grow Savage Seed Co. Genetics, you are fully responsible for the outcome of said harvest, we take no responsibility. -All of our seed it sold as Regular Seed unless otherwise expressly stated. Savage Seed Co. will not be held responsible for any pollen drift or crop losses due to pollen related issues. --When Purchasing Hemp Collector Seed-- Its your responsibility to give correct and clearly written shipping information when you send your order. We use the shipping information you include to address your package for shipment. Your mailing address used at checkout must be deliverable, duh! Do not use an alias or anything that may result in your mail carrier not recognizing you as the recipient. For payment sent by mail: 1. Make sure your payment is in full. 2. If sending money order, make sure you’ve signed it so its cashable. 3. Check, and double-check again that you put our correct address on the envelope you send to us with your payment. Please Note: Once we shipped your order, we have completed our service to you.
  • Can I buy seed from you directly?
    You can buy buy Savage Collector Hemp Seed for collection/preservation purposes or for exotic bird seed. By purchasing you agree to the Term of Service. You also agree that the price of purchase is simply the cost of shipping and the handling fee, the seed is a gift from one group of preservationist to another.
  • Can I verify if my seeds are really your genetics?
    Yes, if package is still sealed and/or the security seal is still intact. When you find and purchase Savage genetics, you can verify the gentics through our VSG verification process.
  • What practices do you use when breeding?
    Savage genetics have only been grown in 100% organically, and when producing seed, it is always under the sun's natural light cycles. We do not use any chemicals or conventional materials or products when breeding. We practice biodynamics and KNF methods along with a plant and biology based IPM program. We use only material allowed for use in organic production systems and we aim for the most natural breeding methods. ZERO chemicals and no feminization, just natural happy plants breeding, like nature intended.
  • Where do you source your genetics?
    Savage Seed Members have been collecting genetics for the last 18+ years, we have worked hard to scathe the world over to find the best verified and true-to-name genetics.
  • Do your seeds contain thc, cbd or any traces of any substance?
    No. Our seeds are seeds, just that. We clean our seeds thoroughly using our 4 step proprietary aspirator and brush seed cleaner, assuring complete removal of all plant matter. In addition to high power wind separation, gentle brush cleaning, we grow our seed organically so there is zero contaminants such as pesticides, fungicides or pgr's etc.. 100% hemp seeds... Each shipment comes with a laboratory test showing the seed contains virtually zero psychoactive properties, legally below the national hemp threshold.
  • How do we contact you?
    You can use the company contact form on the Connect Page. We will get back to you within 5 business days. You can also find us on Instagram.
  • Website Disclaimers
    *Seeds Only - 20% off 4/20EarlyBird 4/20 discount only applies to seeds and end 4/21/22 *Limited Stock on Some Strains - Some strains may be limited stock due to temporary stocking issues or due to a strain no longer being produced. Contact us to see status of certain limited strains. *All seeds are Regular Organic Hemp Seed
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