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Country Fairy Berry f2
  • Country Fairy Berry f2

    Country Fairy Berry aka Country Fairy or Country Berry was bred in dedication to our love for the Oregon Country Fair. We all grew up going to the fair with our parents (whom were all stoners) and like most people, when old enough, when we could finally wander off to with our firends to do 'fair things' it was only a matter of time before we smoked.. The first time the core group toked up at the fair it was on Kriptikids Durban Poison, which has a very social and happy high to it. That was about 2 decades ago..


    The last decade plus we have been searching for that same high, social, happy, euphoria, not overly tired or stoned! We tried it all over the years, skunk, haze, cheese, blueberry, GG4, cookies, so much more, none of it gave the same feeling of euphoria and happiness.. So we went back into our genetics stash and pulled out some old favorites and reincarnated them just for this project.


    Country Fairy Berry is one of the most creative strains, leaving you happy and motivated yet not wired or anxious. The terps are what you would expect from a classic true Durban Poison with some nice fruity and spicy aftertones from the TRIAD addition.


    The TRIAD that we crossed the Durban Poison with, which tends to shorten the flower time of everything it's crossed with, did a decent job of doing just that. It also tends to lend some extra medicinal traits such as relaxation and pain relief. Overall we feel we did a good job balancing out the sativa and indica traits of both parents to land users somewhere in between, relaxed yet creative and happy, ready to experiement and enjoy the fair... We all feel like we've created the one we intended to, further improving upon that affect with the f2 generation..


    Country Fairy Berry: Durban Poison x TRIAD - f2

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