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DosiDurb f2
  • DosiDurb f2

    Quickly becoming one of our best sellers! Super dumpster stank and very heavy hitting!!


    When you have a Archive Portland direct cut of Dosido, you have to cross it with something as equally iconic. The Kritikid Durban male is known to produce some dense uniquely smelling offspring, mix that with the potency of Dosido and you have something very special.


    The uplifting effect of the Durban crossed with the narcotic effect of the Dosido blends together a phenomenal mixture of feelings and lands the user in an extremly relaxed state without the dominating feeling of most heavy indicas. The best part is it does all of this without giving you heavy anxiety, which is key. Smells like rotten pineapple bread dumpster juice, taste like oldschoold chronic skunky dankness, excellent washer with exceptional jar quality!


    Double Dosido (Archive Cut) x (Durban Poison (Kripitkid Cut) x Triad) x Durban Poison


    (6) Regular F2 Organic Seeds

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