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Dagga Dog
  • Dagga Dog

    Dagga Dog


    Durban Poison South African Landrace OP



    Level Up OG Pakistani Chitral Kush Landrace



    Lockjahh (SSC) Pitbull








    Level up OG is potentially one of the best affy heavy strains we've ever had the pleasure of breeding. She is short with buds the size of coke bottles, and her nose is super floral with heavy notes of lavender and rose that linger on the tongue for awhile after consumption. The effect is very narcotic feeling and will knock you out and keep you out, excellent for those with sleeping issues. The harvest is very early in midwestern Oregon, around september 27th.


    Our Durban Poison cut that we sourced from Kriptikid is the most true version of Durban Poison we have seen since the inception way back, with lots of imitators this is a very rare cut. Durban is known for having a very unique nose, it’s hard to even make guesses as to what it smells like, let alone the taste, which is heavy... The effect is very uplifting and creative and calm energy that couples perfectly with the Lvl up strain that we crossed it with.


    Dagga Dog is a strain that we made in appreciation of Durban Poison, always trying improve on the gene pool of rare original strains that have stood the test of time.. The strain itself is certainly worth collecting, with a very unique terpene profile and genetic background, growers regularly lean to the strain to create new flavors.


    Dagga Dog: Durban Poison x Level Up OG


    x6 Regular Organic F2 Seeds


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