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Hazey Train - Limited
  • Hazey Train - Limited

    - New Release - 


    Hazey Train f2


    Ghost Train Haze x Cloud Berry (Sin City)


    Hazey Train is one if the most frostiest strains we've ever produced! Super strong and an excellent yielder, though the flower isn't the most dense, it has a an oldschool just-slightly looser structure due to the haze lineage which makes it an excellent washer.  Med stretch, Oct 15th harvest in Eugene. ~8-9 Weeks Indoors. Smells like Classic Haze and Berries with a hint of Chocolate.. Most phenos will taste like classic lemon haze with a hint of diesel aroma, some will have more berry aftertones if selected for. 


    6 Regular f2 Organic Sungrown Seeds

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