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Skunk Berry Soda f3
  • Skunk Berry Soda f3

    One of the strongest smelling, most greasiest strain by us. It's one of our favorites, and a true mix of solids classics. For this one we took one of our favorite head stash strains that is a Eugene Original, Black Cherry Cheesecake (Black Cherry Soda x Super Silver Haze x Cheese) and threw our Cherry Pheno AK47 pollen at it. The results are pretty impressive with two notable phenos, one that is clearly cherry and rank skunk leaning, and the other, which is oldschool sharp cheese with faint berry afternotes. Both phenotypes are early finishing and very heavy dense producers.


    Blackberry Cheesecake x AK47 (Cherry Pheno)




    (6) Regular F3 Organic Hemp Seeds

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