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Sublime Lime Haze
  • Sublime Lime Haze

    Seed for the People. A Super easy strain to grow, makes anyone look like a pro.. So, we make it super easy - seed for the poeple! Haze is a straight power house as long as we're judging, perfect high and a super tuff grower. Memory Loss OG picks up a considerable portion of these haze characteristcs from her mother Amnesia Haze. We selected for Amnesia Haze qualities when sifting through some Archive direct Memory Loss bx seeds. We found some keepers and kept running them until we found the one. Then, we crossed her with our commercial/medicinal hash strain TRAID (S.A.D x Trinity), then back to the hazy Memory Loss, providing the best outdoor production qualities without the long typical later haze harvest, specifically focused around hash yields. With Sublime lime you get excellent water extraction yields while still reaping the benefits of a very greasy-high oil produciton plant, which is rare. 


    (Memory Loss x TRIAD) x Memory Loss (Amnesia Haze x Memory Loss)


    (6) Regular F1 Organic Hemp Seeds

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