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Tootsz Pop - Limited
  • Tootsz Pop - Limited

    Tootsie Pop, a classic fruity delight with a tootsie roll center..


    (Chocolate Hashberry (f) x Cloudberry (m)) x Polynisian Thin Mints


    Tootsz Pop is a sugar coated cross between two powerful strains. The first being Chocolate Hashberry female, a very chocolaty and hashy flavored strain with hints of chocolate dipped berries on the nose which was crossed to a strong Cloudberry male by SinCity which proved to be an extremely strong male after testing with several strains where it always provided vigor, intense fruity additions and increased effects. 


    Tootsz Pop, when grown in living soil outdoors, tends to grow medium to large size, with long dense colas, providing moderately large harvest of darker colored, sometimes purple buds that look like they're coated in sugar. It tends to offer surprisingly good resistance to pest and fungal pathogens. Some phenos offer incredibly high washing quality! Flavors tend to lean more towards the coveted classic hashy flavors with some mixed with intense flavors of berry. The ideal pheno offers both classic hashy flavors and hints of berry and tends to generate more anthocyanen, these are the best washers. 


    If growing in PNW outdoors, expect a early to mid October harvest. 


    x12 Organic Sun Grown Seeds - Regular


      2024 Summer Starter

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